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Turbosound: Flex Array TFA-600h and TFA-600hw, Turbosound FB-600 flybars powered by Lab Gruppen PLM amps.


Bassmaxx / Bassboss: SSP218 double 18 subwoofers self powered and processed




Midas Pro Series, M32 series




Midas DL Series digital snakes, Whirlwind Medusa drum drop and drop snakes




Turbosound TFM Series and NuQ Series, JBL SRX




Joyfirst 14R 295w Beams, Rasha Kanon,  LEDs, Onyx NX-1 Series DMX console, Elation Compu Show, par 64 cans (upon request)




3-phase 225 amp distros with camloks in and out, Motion Labs Rat Pac and stage stringers




Shure - ULXP wireless

Sennheiser - EW300 and 500 G4 Series, 


Wired Mics


Audix D series, Sennhieser, Shure, and Sontronics 


Whirlwind MK series XLRs and Whirlwind Director DIs


In Ear

Sennheiser EK IEM G4 Series




Rocket Shells carbon fiber drum kit with DW 9000 Series Hardware


Ampeg HLF bass cabinet, Bugera Heads


Mesa Boogie F Series , Line 6 Catalyst, and Fender guitar amps


DJ Setup


American Audio Encore 2000


Addtional Equipment


Applied Electronics 1218 Mini Line Array Lifts, Applied Electronics motor controller,

CM Lodestar 1 ton motors, CM 1 ton mainual chain hoists, Global Truss 1 ton manual chain hoists


*Keeping with our policy of continual improvement, equipment is subject to change without notice* 

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